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That moment when we both heard the sea otters but couldn’t see them.Image


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Monday Night

I feel badly thinking about what you said earlier about your guilt.  This is harder than we both probably seemed to think it was going to be – and I thought it was going to be very hard.  I think sometimes about how hard this would be if we didn’t have such a strong connection and relationship.  It just wouldn’t work.  I try not to dwell too much about why  we’re apart and try and concentrate on memories of us together and on our future.  Skype is both a helpful and a pain.  I like to be able to see your face; but hate not being able to touch it.  I think that’s why sometimes I feel so sad during or after talking to you.  I miss your touch, smell and body.  None of which Skype gives.  I should have made a bottle of eau du Emilie before you left.  I just love you lots Emmy

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